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Crochet Christmas Ornaments: 28 free crochet decoration patterns

A landscape image of 6 characterful crochet Christmas decorations (Santa, a robin, a reindeer, a snowman and two elves), sit on a white and grey patterned surface in front of the bottom of a Christmas tree with silver tinsel behind it

I am such a huge fan of Christmas decor. It creates such a cozy, warming mood that really helps one to get into the holiday spirit.

Crochet Christmas ornaments and festive decorations are great, simple way to bring personalised crochet joy to your home over the holiday season.

I love to adorn my own home with cute ornaments and handmade crochet decorations in a bunch of different colours as well as crocheting festive gifts for friends and family. Something as simple, but meaningful as a crochet Christmas tree ornament can make such a treasured keepsake.

Because crochet Christmas decorations are typicality fairly small items, they can often be crocheted quickly, perfect for a last minute holiday gift (see other last minute gift ideas here).

That said, just because a crochet item is small in size, it doesn’t always mean it’s small in time commitment too. This festive blog of free crochet patterns includes a couple of designs that are small and intricate and definitely not for those rushing around, but who enjoy taking more time with their crochet projects.

You’ll find lots of easy patterns that are quick to crochet too and a little of everything in-between!

So without further ado, lets get into my guide to crochet Christmas decorations.

Crochet Christmas Ornaments and Decorations: 28 festive and free crochet patterns

I’ve split this round-up into sections;

  • Crochet Christmas tree ornaments – for your tree or home
  • Crochet trimmings and toppers for Christmas gifts
  • Christmas crochet patterns for the home – including table trimmings, a pillow, garlands and other holiday season decor
  • Crochet Christmas stockings
  • Alternative Christmas crochet patterns – for those who prefer less traditional holiday decor

If you have something specific you’re looking for, you can scroll to the relevant section, or if you’re looking for more general holiday crochet inspiration then start at the top and enjoy all the joyful patterns.

Free crochet Christmas tree ornament patterns

A crochet Christmas tree decoration makes a great addition to your X-mas decoration box. Handmade crochet ornaments can also make fairly quick gifts which are treasured year in year out.

The free patterns I’ve included below range from easy crochet Christmas baubles to more intricate intermediate-level crochet tree decorations and cute crochet ornament patterns.

1. 3D crochet star ornament

I’m starting with my twinkle crochet star 3d hanging ornament because it’s a fun and relatively easy pattern which can be made in a range of yarns and a suitable crochet hook.

twinkle crochet 3d star

This star ornament pattern is a great stash buster as it only requires a small amount of yarn. In the sample pictured, I held some super fine sparkly, sequinned yarn double with another yarn because it adds such lovely twinkle! (Yarn details available with the pattern.)

Read the free crochet star pattern with photo tutorial here

2. Traditional, pretty crochet baubles

I absolutely love this cute free crochet bauble pattern from Thoresby Cottage which comes in different sizes and would make a perfect Christmas gift.

A variety of pretty crochet bauble ornaments designed for a Christmas tree.

The colour choices, the sparkles, the decoration… all of it makes me think of dainty hand painted baubles of yesteryear. I think they would look great in solid colours to match the rest of your seasonal decor too, but the gold yarn just makes it for me.

Read the free pattern here

3. Intricate crochet Christmas tree ornaments

These beautiful, elegant crochet ornaments from Golden Lucy Crafts are a perfect project for those who love a bit of detail and precision in their crochet patterns. This one really is quite a special ornament.

Two elegant crochet Christmas ornaments with detailed festive scenes.

The festive scenes on these ornaments and additional crafty touches make them into their own little individual works of art.

Read the free ornament pattern here

4. Modern crochet tree ornament collection

The ‘festive friends’ crochet tree ornaments are made from a basic tear drop shape amigurumi pattern. The modern style and simplistic colour blocking means that you simply change the colour order and finishing effects to change the character.

You can choose from Santa clause, a snowman, Rudolph an elf and a crochet robin, you can take your pick or make up your own character.

6 crochet character Christmas decorations (Santa, a robin, a reindeer, a snowman and two elves), sit on a white and grey patterned surface in front of the bottom of a Christmas tree with silver tinsel behind it

These crochet ornaments are so much fun to make and crochet up pretty quickly whilst they’re at it, using single crochet stitches throughout. Designing these definitely reminded me of my love for the humble, handmade christmas tree decoration.

The elf ornament pattern is available for free and details of the other characters colours are available in the full PDF version of the pattern.

Read the crochet elf ornament pattern here

4. Vintage noel hanging ornament

There’s something a bit old fashioned but also contemporary about this Vintage Noel Ornament from Sweet Bee Crochet. Some how they manage to straddle both genres. Perhaps it’s the bright lime green used with the red and white to give it a fresh twist.

Three green red and yellow vintage style crochet ornaments.

Colour choices, aside, these are easy crochet Christmas ornaments which can be made in whichever colour scheme suits your vibe.

Read the free pattern here

5. Crochet bell ornament

I love the use of puff stitches in these simple crochet bell ornaments from simply Melanie Jane.

They create a lovely texture and are just a little different from many of the other crochet bell ornament patterns out there.

Three Christmas crochet bell ornaments.

Like many small festive crochet ornaments, these are great for using up yarn scraps or small amounts of pretty much any weight of yarn (yarn weight chosen will obviously impact the finished size).

Read the free crochet pattern here

6. Christmas pudding bauble

This adorably cute crochet Christmas pudding babule pattern would look gorgeous on your xmas tree and makes a great accompaniment to my Christmas Pudding hat.

I have a real fondness for the imagery of a Christmas pudding… even though in the UK, I’ve never actually eaten a Christmas pudding with icing on like this… but sometimes the image is better than the reality! 😉

A christmas pudding crochet christmas tree bauble.

Anyway, there’s something super alluring about the way this bauble uses simple stitches to create a perfect little ball of kawaii – it’s definitely among my favourites.

Find the Christmas pudding bauble pattern here

7. Celtic Christmas baubles

This Celtic Christmas bauble pattern from Eye love knots is great if you want to add some texture and cosy feels to your bauble, and to keep things looking traditional this Christmas season.

Three different size crochet baubles in red white and green hang from a Christmas tree

On top of that the free bauble pattern comes in small, medium and large sizes so you can make a range of sizes or one to fit the bauble fillers you have access to.

Read the bauble pattern here

Crochet trimmings for xmas gifts

Smaller crochet Christmas makes area a great way to add a personalised touch to your presents. They can also double up as little gifts on their own.

8. Little Christmas Trees

This little Christmas tree crochet tag is made using basic crochet stitches. It’s the perfect size for a gift tag or for your holiday tree, preferably both!

crochet christamstree decoration on tree shaped plate with candle and tinsel

You can customise this pattern to make your own ornaments or gift tags by using your preferred colours and texture of yarn.

To help these keep their shape, you’ll want to go down a crochet hook size or two to keep your tension tight. I used the same method to keep these stiff as I did with the crochet snowflakes which I describe below.

Read the free crochet tree gift tag pattern here

9. Crochet Candy Cane Ornaments

These crochet amigurumi candy canes from Raffamusa Designs can be used as gift toppers or to hang on your xmas tree.

Two crochet candy cane amigurumi. One in red and white and one green and white.

This pattern makes a relatively large crochet candy cane so they could be used for a whole range of purposes. I think they could also make cute stocking fillers and festive table decorations.

Read the free amigurumi pattern here

10. Crochet snowflakes

Like many of the gift trimmings, crochet snowflakes are also great for tree ornaments and adding to seasonal celestial (or should that be meteoric?) garlands.

The first time I crocheted a Christmas decoration, I think it was probably a snowflake. I love to make them, even though some of the patterns can be a little fiddly. I think they look much better made with fine or fingering weight cotton yarn or crochet thread. You can make them in heavier yarn weights but they won’t keep their shape so well when hung up.

I had to go all the way back to 2015 on my instagram to find these pics (collaged below).

That was the year I made a ton of snowflake decorations and sold them to my colleagues and friends to raise money for a local homeless charity.

A collage of crocheted Christmas ornaments in different snowflake designs.

These little crochet stars and snowflakes make great gifts if you want something small with a personal touch. I used to slip them in Christmas cards too and they were so well received. I still get tagged every year on facebook by people putting them on their trees. An it still makes me smile from ear to ear.

I found my favourite patterns on ravelry and have linked to them below. Some of these are pretty old but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it (and at the time of writing all the links still work).

How to keep your crochet snowflakes from bending

As a side note, here is the way I try to keep my snowflake’s structure (to stop them from flapping around).

I tend to make crochet snow flakes using a cotton yarn or crochet thread for that extra delicate touch. I prefer to use a fibre like cotton because, among other reasons, it’s absorptive and less pliable than an acrylic yarn.

I pin my finished snowflakes out to shape on a blocking board, maybe with a little water spritzed on to help shape them. Then I mix up some pva craft glue with water (about 50/50) and paint the solution onto the snowflake. (You can see the turquoise ones all pinned out in the image above)

I let them dry completely and repeat on the other side if needed. When dry and taken off the blocking mat, they are more robust.

11. Crochet Mini Christmas Jumper

These mini Christmas jumpers from Blue Star Crochet are such a cute idea.

They work really well as a seasonal gift topper, an easy ornament to hang on your tree or even to attach in numbers to a festive garland.

two mini crochet Christmas sweater ornaments in red and white lie on a fat fur rug.

You can use traditional colours as seen above or mix it up and use brights or neutrals from your yarn stash. Whatever your preference.

Read the free pattern here

12. Decorative crochet bow pattern

I designed this cute decorative crochet bow pattern as a topper to my fun, novelty Christmas gift hat. I wanted a bow that was a bit more substantial than some of the little ones where you wrap yarn around the centre of a flat loop (though of course those have their place too).

A pink crochet square is adorned with a yellow crochet ribbon and bow and is laying on sheep pelt rug surrounded by tinesel and green bells with the branches of a Christmas tree creeping in to the side of the image

This bow pattern does take a little longer to crochet but I think the finished result is well worth the time. It uses simple stitches and is easy to crochet in a variety of sizes and yarns, so is a practical and versatile crochet pattern.

Read the free decorative bow pattern and step-by-step photo tutorial here

13. Crochet holly sprig pattern (with berries)

Crochet holly sprigs, like my free crochet holly pattern with berries can be used for all kinds of embellishments, such as tags on Christmas gifts, festive table dressing, x-mas tree ornaments or additions to festive garlands.

It’s seen below on top of my popular Christmas Pudding hat.

Christmas Pudding Crochet Hat Pattern

The best thing about this little motif type crochet pattern is that they can be used in so many different ways. Once I turned some of these into little pin badges as a gift for my work ‘pod buddies’ and they loved them.

Read the free holly sprig pattern (with video tutorial) here

Christmas crochet patterns for the home

Below you’ll find a whole range of Christmas patterns aimed to festive-ify your home this holiday season. From pillows to garlands and Christmas stockings, this section aims to give you an idea of just some of the ways you can use crochet to decorate your home for the Christmas period.

14. Crochet Christmas tree table trimmings

I love these cute table top crochet Christmas trees from Hooked on Patterns come in a variety of sizes and can be made in a range of yarns and colours.

Three green crochet Christmas tree ornaments lined up in increasing size.

You could even add on a hanging loop to the smaller one and use it as a xmas tree decoration too. This is such a versatile pattern.

Read the pattern for free here

15. Santa Claus Pillow Pattern

This fun crochet Christmas pillow pattern from Jo to the world is a fun statement make to add a larger holiday present to your living room.

A crochet santa pillow made from a big red square with a black ‘belt’ and gold ‘buckle’.

If Father Christmas crochet patterns are your thing then you’ll want to check out some of Jo’s other Santa based designs as they has a whole collection of similar free Christmas crochet patterns.

Read the free crochet cushion pattern here

16. Tapestry Crochet Mason Jar Cosy

The heart of christmas mason jar cosies from the knitters knotter is one for the tapestry crochet lovers. If holiday colourwork and kitchen organisation is your thing then this looks like your happy place!

Three mason jars with crochet covers next to some red and white Christmas baubles.

The pattern comes in different sizes and you may even be able to double up the larger one (or adjust the pattern) to make a cute festive plant pot holder?

Read the free pattern here

Crochet Christmas Stocking patterns

I’ve included three different stocking patterns here as thy are super popular (and often practical) crochet Patterns. There are so many variations available that I wanted to give you an idea of what you can do with a simple crochet Christmas stocking!

I’ve gone with patterns which use more muted colours for these examples, but of course you can substitute colours for a more traditional red and white or any other colours for that matter. You crochet it, you decide!

Oh an if you like getting your sew on with your crochet, this post will show you how to make a stocking out of an old plaid shirt… with a crochet top of course. But for now, back to the free Christmas crochet stocking patterns.

17. Classic crochet Christmas Stocking

I love this traditional crochet Christmas stocking pattern from Stitching together. The modern neutral colours look great made with stripes or in a solid colour.

Two crochet Christmas stockings hang from a festive mantlepiece.

This pattern is a great shaped stocking (constructed like an actual crochet sock pattern)There is so much scope on how you can vary this classic using your favourite colours.

Read the free pattern here

18. Buffalo plaid crochet Christmas stocking pattern

This free crochet stocking pattern from a crocheted simplicity has a lovely classic checked pattern with a simple ribbed top and super cute tassels to finish it off.

A black white and grey crochet Buffalo plaid Christmas stocking.

I’ve a confession to make that I’ve never actually tried crocheting a plaid / checked pattern like this. Perhaps now might finally be the time. But what colours to choose? I have a hankering for pink red and white… What would you choose?

Read the free crochet pattern here

19. Fair isle crochet stocking pattern

The comfort and joy crochet stocking pattern from Rich Textures crochet will bring all the nordic folk vibes to your christmas set up.

Two fair isle crochet stockings with a nordic pattern.

This tapestry crochet pattern is great for those who like to play with colours and patterns and like an old world Scandinavian feel to their decor.

Find the free stocking pattern here

Festive crochet Garland and bunting patterns

Garlands and bunting are a super simple way to add some festive cheer to your home and won’t take forever either. They are often made from smaller motives which can be crocheted in 15 or 20 minute slots, so are great if you don’t have long periods of time to sit down with your crochet.

20. Joy Bunting

This Christmas crochet Joy bunting pattern from Thereby Cottage makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

A small string of crochet bunting which spells out the world Joy.

There’s nothing I like more from a Christmas crafting session than sharing the JOY!

Read the free crochet bunting pattern here

21. Crochet Christmas tree garland

This fun Christmas tree garland from Desert Blossom Crafts is a cute and elegant crochet pattern to add a nature vibe to your home decor

A crochet Christmas tree garland made with puff stitch crochet Christmas trees.

This is another versatile crochet pattern where the motifs are multi-purpose. If you don’t get round to crocheting enough trees for a garland, you can add a simple loop and hang the ones you did finish on your tree! (I’m nothing if not a realist!)

Check out the free crochet garland pattern here

22. Crochet Christmas Tree and Star Garland

If you want to mix it up, you can add some stars and trees together with this crochet Christmas tree and star garland from the knitted nest.

A festive crochet garland seen from above with alternating Christmas tree and star ornaments.

Garlands like this area a great way to use up left over yarn as you can really mix up the colours you use. Also switching between little crochet stars and little trees keeps it interesting.

Read the free pattern here

23. Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

The Poinsettia Christmas tree skirt pattern from A crocheted simplicity is a lovely classy crochet Christmas tree skirt pattern which will also teach you how to crochet a delicate Poinsettia motif.

A poinsettia crochet Christmas tree skirt shown underneath a decorated Christmas tree.

The pattern can be made as written or with a variation in your chosen embellishments. It’s a great base design that you can really style in your own way.

Read the free pattern here

Alternative crochet holiday decorations

24. Cute crochet owl ornament

I mean, how absolutely adorable is this Crochet owl ornament from the loopy lamb? It’s both super cute and fluffy, and a great example of how to use faux fur yarn in different ways.

A furry crochet owl ornament surrounded by Christmas baubles.

It’s definitely on the modern, less traditional side of festive decor, but at the same time it has a natural world feel that I would welcome into my home any day of the year.

Read the free crochet owl pattern here

25. A colourful crochet star garland

Festive stars but make it colourful.

I love this bright crochet festive star garland pattern from Annie’s design crochet. It has a definite boho aesthetic going on and is another great use of small amounts of yarn.

A colourful crochet star garland.

Personally this is one I think I would keep up all year round…

Find the free happy crochet garland pattern here

26. Festive crochet ‘paper chains’

I designed the yarn chain when I was playing with learning to make slip stitch crochet cords.

crochet colourful chain free tutorial home decor

This is a fun take on the traditional paper chain decoration I used to make as a kid (remember those books of strips of coloured paper you’d tear out and stitch the ends together?)

Read the tutorial here

27. A festive crochet emoji garland

Do you speak emoji? In which case, this fun free festive crochet garland with a whole range of crochet emojis might just be up your street.

A garland with festive crochet emojis attached.

These little faces bring me such joy! Such a great modern idea for holiday decor for the tiktok generation.

Find the free crochet pattern from golden Lucy crafts here

28. The pom pom ‘christmas’ tree

Okay so this last one isn’t strictly crochet right, but crocheters love to play with yarn right?

I think I’ll just leave you with the picture on this one and let it do the talking.

Coloured pom poms hanging from horizontal sticks to make an alternative christmas tree or wall decoration

You can find the pom pom tree tutorial here.

I hope you have found this round up a fun and useful whistle stop tour of the kind of Christmas, winter and festive holiday season decor you can create with crochet.

The variety it brings is just another one of the reasons I love to crochet and to share that love with you!

From the first stitch to the last, wishing you all seasons greetings

Big Love


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