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Dora’s Crochet Stitch Directory

This is the homepage for my stitch directory which you can use to navigate a variety of crochet stitch lessons.

Scroll down to find a huge range of crochet stitch tutorials, including the basic crochet stitches, foundation stitches, decreasing stitches, decorative stitches and stitch patterns used in Dora Does designs.

I use US crochet terms as a default in my patterns but have included both US and UK terms below.  The videos and descriptions will use US terms.

You can find the Craft Yarn Council industry standard stitch abbreviations here

Basic Crochet Stitches

Below is a table of the fundamental crochet stitches given in UK and US terms.

Name US Terms (abbreviation)Name UK Terms (abbreviation)
Chain (ch)Chain (ch)
Single Crochet (sc)Double Crochet (dc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)Half treble (htr)
Double Crochet (dc)Treble (tr)
Treble Crochet (tr)Double Treble (dtr)
Slip Stitch (ss)Slip Stitch (ss)
Click here to find out how they are made!

Decreasing Crochet Stitches

Below is a table outlining the names of the common decrease stitches which are all simple modifications of the basic stitches described above

Name US Terms (abbreviation)Name UK Terms (abbreviation)
Single Crochet 2 together (sc2tog)Double Crochet 2 together (dc)
Half Double Crochet 2 together (hdc2tog)Half treble 2 together (htr2tog)
Double Crochet 2 together (dc2tog)Treble 2 together (tr2tog)
Click here to see how they are made

Whatever type of stitch you are working, there is most likely a simple way to modify it to make a decrease. Once you have the basics you will be able to apply the principles to any stitch you work with!

Chainless Foundation Stitches and Rows

Sometimes known as a chainless starting row, foundation stitches are a great way to start a project as an alternative to using chains. Any of the basic stitches can be modified to be worked as foundation stitches.

Below are the names of the common terms

Name US Terms (abbreviation)Name UK Terms (abbreviation)
Foundation Single Crochet (fsc)Foundation double crochet (fdc)
Foundation Double Crochet (fdc)Foundation table (ftr)
You can learn more about foundation rows, including video tutorials here

Decorative Stitches & Stitch Patterns

There are countless decorative stitches and stitch combinations which can be used in crochet. Crochet directories are available with hundreds of them!

I am building a directory of decorative stitches, stitch patterns and techniques which you can see below.

Click the heading to go to the tutorial pages

Crochet Ribbing Stitches and Techniques

The two most common techniques for ribbing are working in the backloop only or working post (US Term) or raised (UK terms)stitches (also used for cabling patterns).

I am a fan of both. I tend to use post stitches more for creating textured cables and almost always use the back loop method for creating hems, hat bands and cuffs. The tutorial for this method will also guide you through how to make a ribbed ear warmer to give you some practice!

You can read more about ribbing here and learn how to make a ribbed ear warmer with a step by step photo tutorial

Learn how to work in the back loop only and work a ribbed band into a hat.

Learn how to work post stitches to create cable work and faux ribbing.

Linked Crochet Stitches

Linked crochet stitches are worked by linking one stitch to the previous. They can be worked with US half double, US double, US Treble and taller stitches and create a beautiful fabric for crochet garments and homewears

Linked double and half double crochet swatches yellow and red with wooden crochet hook

Check out the linked half double and double tutorials here and the linked treble tutorial here. Tutorials include written and photo instructions, left and right handed videos.

The Jasmine Stitch

This stunning stitches uses miniature puff stitches worked together to form a stunning star shaped stitch pattern. Try out the Shifting Sands Snood Free pattern to experiment with this beautiful crochet stitch.

Crochet Jasmine Stitch pattern

Click here for the Jasmine Stitch written, photo and video tutorial (left and right handed).

Moss Stitch

This is a timeless favourite of mine, also known as Crochet Linen Stitch or Granite Stitch, it is used in the free beginners pattern, the Chaucer Twist Cowl or for those of you looking for easy garments in this pattern, try the Upside-down Sweater Pattern among others.

Click here to learn how to work this is a beautiful and simple basic crochet stitch pattern (left and right handed video tutorials available!

Pink Crochet Moss Stitch Swatch with green yellow and orange yarn, scissors, crochet hook and needle

Bobble Stitch

There are a variety of ways to make crochet bobble stitches. This includes, traditional bobble stitches, cluster stitches, puff and popcorn stitches. If you love a bobble, check out the I Made This Blanket pattern.

Blue crochet popcorn stitch swatch

You can read about all the variations of bobble stitches, and learn how to make them here.

Alternatively, click here for a traditional bobble stitch video tutorial.

Corner to Corner (c2c) Crochet Stitch Pattern

Follow this step-by step picture guide showing how to work the corner to corner stitch.  This stitch is used for blankets and cushions and in the Block Rocking Poncho Free Pattern.

Corner to corner crochet swatch increase triangle section

You can also learn more about the corner to corner design style versus the c2c stitch pattern here.

The Block Stitch

This is another simple geometric stitch pattern made using Single and Double Crochets (UK Double and Treble).  Find a right handed and left handed tutorials on youtube.  This tutorial is part of the Maslow’s Rainbow Cal but stands as an independent block stitch tutorial.

The Loop Stitch

This is a super fun stitch pattern which is great for home decor items in particular! It can be worked a couple of different ways.

Yellow crochet loop stitch swatch

Click here to learn the Loop stitch

Herringbone Double Crochet

A beautiful textured crochet stitch perfect for garments (see the Slow Living Skirt) and home wear projects.

Grey herringbone crochet swatch on pink background with red hook, ball of yarn and tape measure

Click to learn Herringbone Double Crochet.

I hope you enjoy some of these stitches. The stitch library will continue to grow, but if there’s a favourite you would like to see, please do drop a note in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do!!!


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