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Welcome to Dora Does, where crochet meets intentional living.
A self declared crochet addict, I started this page to share my crochet designs, tutorials, tips and tricks. Very quickly it became more than that, as I started to write thought pieces about thoughtful living, mental health and personal growth and how crochet has helped with all of the above.

Crochet, and many other creative crafts, are great ‘flow’ activities, which are scientifically proven to increase your happy hormones and reduce stress and anxiety. That’s why these two seemingly unrelated topics, wellbeing and crochet, actually go hand in hand.
I am seriously passionate about them both… like to geek level!

My main life goal is to be the best me I can be, and this site is my opportunity to try and help you do the same. In addition to finding some crochet inspiration, I hope you will find something here which resonates or makes you see something from a new perspective.
If the mindful aspect is not for you, then please just stay to enjoy the crochet and yarny goodness instead!
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Noun:  “Dora’s study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, existence, mind, art and crochet.”

Read the blog to find free and paid crochet patterns, my creative experiments and thought pieces about life’s important and trivial questions. It’s an eclectic mix just like me but there’s something for everyone!

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Crochet Design

Designing crochet patterns is what keeps me sane. I would do it all day every day in a perfect world! I am full to bursting with ideas and love trying out new techniques and stitch patterns. Even when they don’t always turn out the way I planned! See my full portfolio of crochet patterns. You’ll find a mixture of free and paid patterns and tutorials.

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Crochet Design

Professional Services

I also offer professional services including crochet pattern writing, technical editing, copywriting and VA services. I’m passionate about the creative industry and teaming up with independent businesses, so get in touch if you would like to know more or want to discuss a collaboration.

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