(dɔːrəlɒsəfɪ) noun:

“Dora’s study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, existence, mind art and crochet.”

Welcome to Dora Does…

…my take on life, the universe and everything expressed through the art of crochet (yes, really!).

Head to About to learn how I got to the place where I just wrote the sentence above, and how my grand life plan is developing.  Explore Doralosophy, to find free patterns, details on current projects or simply my ramblings and thoughts about life’s important and trivial questions.

This site also hosts my pattern directory which, like everything here, and in everyday life, is a work in progress!

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I’ll leave you with a quote (I love a quote) about possibility from Dr Seuss’s ’Oh the places you’ll go’. 

“You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” 

Big love

D x

P.S.  You can see  Dr Seuss’ full work in  the most inspirational YouTube video of all time, in my opinion of course… Dr Seuss is kind of my hero.

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