The Up and Over Crochet Poncho – Lounge wear F.T.W!

up and over poncho from

Is it a poncho, a kaftan, a tunic or a slanket?  It doesn’t really matter because it’s super cosy and practical and my new lounge wear favourite!

People get really sneery about lounge wear.  They mock people who work from home for spending the day in their pyjamas.

Well the way I see it, that’s jealousy!  People often criticise what they secretly are jealous of.  It’s called projection.  I know I do it too sometimes, though I do attempt to catch myself in the act and have a word!

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Asking the questions and reading for the answers – 7 books that changed my mind

Well hello there 2018.  Where did you come from?

After a lovely break over Christmas, this past week I have been thinking a lot about goals and resolutions for 2018.  I’m not really one for over-planning or resolutions for the sake of it but I personally find that taking some time for self-examination at any time of year is a helpful, a way to keep yourself on the straight and narrow so to speak.

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Festive Free Friday round-up & my 2017 sign off

This week I released my final Free Festive Friday El-help crochet pattern back on Monday because I wanted to give you a little extra  making time! We are now so close to Christmas and, hopefully, finally at the stage where we get to switch off, relax and enjoy the season.

Today I just wanted to take a moment to round up all my Festive Free Friday patterns in one place.  8 weeks of free festive fun right here!!

Christmas Pudding Hat with Holly Berries

Twinkle Twinkle Star

The Snowicorn

The Crochet ‘Paperchain’

The Pom-Pom Tree

Light up your Crochet Christmas Tree

The Festive AF Wreath

The Elf-Help Hat

Thank you so much for all the lovely feed back here and on socials on these patterns.  It has really kept me going through this challenge! I really hope you’ve enjoyed making some of these projects, or just found some fun in reading about my experiments!

This is my last post of the year before I take some time off and I want to wish you all a wonderful joyful Christmas.  I know that for some people this may mean just surviving, and I hope you in particular find a way to experience some peace and love.

December also marks my 6th month of blogging.  Thank you to EVERYONE who has purchased a pattern, read, liked and commented on my posts, it has been quite the learning experience!  I’m looking forward to more of those next year!

I hope you have enjoyed my crochet designs and reading about my passion for understanding the human condition.  I  know it may seem a little bit of an odd combination to some, but it reflects the authentic me.  That word has been used to death the last year or so but I genuinely believe that when the internal you and the external you align, when you feel able to behave in a way which is an authentic reflection of your core beliefs (not as a response to fear and insecurity), then you have the freedom to live a happy life, free from internal conflict.  With this foundation, I believe anything is possible.

This is everything I hope for in 2018.

Big Love


P.S.  The cover picture for this post is a little yarn bomb I did on the cycle path through the meadow near my house.  Because I talk a lot about spreading the joy so I figured I should put my money where my mouth is! 🙂

The season for Elf-Help (Free Crochet Elf Hat Pattern)

Elf-help crochet hat by

Back in November, I set myself the challenge of releasing a Free Festive Pattern every Friday in the run up to Christmas.  Well, by my calculations, I have one more to go!  Seeing as today is exactly one week until Christmas, I decided to bring it forward a few days to make today Free Festive Monday instead.  Mostly because I wanted to build in some making time for you.  This week is when we really get hit by the storm of crazy last minute preparation, parties and generally having to be in 3 places at once with 3 times our actually bank balance.  But before you know it, the eye of the storm will suddenly arrive things will calm down and you can just enjoy yourself.

That time WILL come – hang in there!

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The Festive AF Crochet Christmas Wreath – An experiment in letting go of perfection and channelling the sh*t out of Christmas spirit!

This post contains affiliate links and expletives (well it is nearly Christmas!).

It was sometime in my 20s when my housemate at the time first introduced me to Vegetable Fuckloads.   The perfect solution to those days when my body rejected anymore junk food, pasta or bread (the staples of the student life).  It basically involved a wok and all the vegetables available, irrespective of what they were or whether they complemented each other, a bit of oil and some spices.  To this day, whenever I feel the need for a health kick (and the desire to feel a bit of virtue) I go for Vegetable Fuckloads.

This was the precise attitude with which I approached the Festive As Fuck Wreath.  It’s basically Christmas fuckloads.

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There’s no place like home

As regular readers will know, since I started this blog I have been renovating my little home.  Finally I am so pleased to say that nearly 4 months later than planned it is (sort of) finished.

All those “oooh that’s a lot of work” comments I got at the start, and dismissed, turned out to be true.  Not because it was actually a lot of work, but because it was a bit of a can of worms!

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The Pom Pom Tree

I’m so joyful about this week’s Free Festive Friday pattern.  It’s so simple but makes me so happy!  I was looking at some beautiful weaving pictures on Instagram which use sticks to hang the weave off.  At the same time,  I was in the process of making a pom pom for another pattern I am working on and just put both together.  My guru James Altucher would call it idea sex!

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