Here comes the Snowicorn…

Snowicorn Crochet Pattern from

I’ve very excited about this week’s Free Festive Friday pattern as things are a little bit special!  Week one gave you the Christmas Pudding Hat and last week I shared the Twinkle Twinkle Star Decoration.  Well now I’ve teamed up with Marie Segares, aka the Underground Crafter to release this week’s free pattern as a contributor post on her blog.

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Saving the best till last & going off the rails

I was always one of those kids that saved the best bit for last.

Whether it was food – “eat all your greens first”, “save room for pudding” – or my to do list – “do your homework before you watch TV”, “finish your chores before going out to play” – My mothers voice drilled into my brain the benefits of getting all the boring bits out of the way first to make space to enjoy the good stuff.

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Ever fancied a glitter wall?

I have a thing about disco balls.  I love the sparkly reflections made by the light, I love sparkle full stop really.  It’s basically magic as far as I’m concerned.  I never really grew out of my childhood love for anything that glitters.  Perhaps because I was rarely allowed such frivolous items as a child.  Coming from a background where quality was valued over aesthetics (“you’re not having that, it’s tatt” was a classic response to 7 year old me begging for some useless but sparkly piece of plastic which I would no doubt tire of in 20 minutes).  I am glad I have these values as an adult but I am equally glad I retained that little buzz I get from looking at the shiny thing!

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