Who is Dora?

Have you ever had a moment where you suddenly stop, take a look at yourself and think “hang on a minute, I’ve got this all wrong”?

I have.  Quite a lot actually but I’ll keep it relevant, for now at least!  The first time of note was about 10 years ago and involved some pretty poor decision making in a hairdresser (think lego head).  My kindly friends likened me to an exploring cartoon character and my alter ego Dora was born (Dora is not my given name but it outlasted the haircut).

Next came the point in late 2012 when, whilst recovering from surgery, my love for Instagram began to flourish.  I had joined as @doraexplored in early 2011 but mainly just for the fun effects and picture frames – I still miss 1977 and Toaster for the old timers!  I began to follow more people and discovered a world of beauty and creativity that I had no previous experience of.  I came across the work of some wonderful crochet accounts and decided I wanted to learn to create beautiful things too.  I was stuck on the sofa for months so figured I should make the most of the time, let’s remember this was when Netflix still sent you DVDs in the post!  So I picked up a crochet hook for the first time.  My addiction was born!

The final moment was more of a series of small signs than a damascene epiphany.  I was in a job I enjoyed, but had been doing it a long time.  2016 was an unsettling year from a personal perspective (not to mention the worldwide sack-of-cats level crazy of Brexit, PM musical chairs and Trump – politics is banned here). I could feel the need for change rising up within me like I had never experienced before.  I’ve always read a lot of inspirational books, books about psychology and philosophy, self help books, books about finding purpose and books saying Fuck-it a lot.

At some point I just knew, in my bones, that we only get one go around on this plane of existence and there is no excuse not to spend your life doing what you love.  Well actually there are lots of excuses.  we make them every single day, but thats all they are.  The truth is that they mostly just mask our fear or failure / rejection / humiliation blah blah blah.  There is an amazing Ted Talk about this here which puts it better than i ever could (and will make you laugh at the same time!

I am not naturally a brave person, but the voice in my head telling me to break-out and make a change, kept on patiently but persistently urging me to trust the universe and somehow managed to reassure me that jumping into a void was a completely safe and sensible thing to do, regardless of how scary my monkey brain insisted it was.  So in summer 2017 I left my safe corporate job and Dora Does burst into existence.

What Dora does is still a work in progress (and I’m open to suggestions) which I hope will be a journey of experiments and discoveries.  The odd total failure is fine too.  I know what it will be is combination of my passions, Crochet, Design, Art, Writing, Psychology, Philosophy, Yoga and things I have yet to discover…

Doralosophy, my blog, is a way for me to share my world view, my ideas about life the universe and everything and lots of crochet love obviously.  You are welcome to agree or disagree or pose counter arguments.  I love a reasoned debate, even if it is about whether  you would give up Chocolate or Cheese if you had to make one vanish from existence for eternity.

Here’s the disclaimer for clarity… Anything you read here should be taken as my opinion only.  As Baz Luhrmann put it

“my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience…”

Big Love


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One thought on “About

  1. Dora – this is such a lovely read and really exciting too to see your journey evolve. It sounds like what lies ahead of you is a bit like a crochet pattern that you are creating as you go along – one stitch (is that what I say?) at a time. x


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