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Dora’s Crochet resources

My mission with this resource section of Dora Does is to provide easy to understand resources all in one place.  

This is the place for new and pro crocheters to find answers to all those crochet questions which come up over and again.

I hope you will find this a useful source of information to use and share with your fellow crocheters!

The resources are split into 3 sections; The Stitch Directory, Tips, tricks and Techniques and Charts and Technical Stuff.

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This directory of stitches starts with he basics and will continue to grow wo include a comprehensive directory of crochet stitches.

My long term vision is that for each stitch you will see a written explanation, a picture of what the stitch looks like and a picture and or video tutorial of how to work it.

Visit the stitch directory

A round yellow button with text reading ‘Tips, tricks and techniques’.

This is where you will learn how to do all those little things which make a big difference to your finished crochet pieces.  

If there’s anything you don’t see that you want to learn, please contact me and let me know and I will do my best to create this for you!

Go to Tips, Tricks and Techniques

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I’m pretty sure there is a better description for this.  But in this area you will find really useful information about sizes, industry standards, UK/US conversion information.  

It may not be pretty but this is the really useful stuff.  It’s the kind of thing I repeatedly google and was one of the reasons I started building this resource section – so that you can find everything in one place!

Go to Charts and Technical Stuff

If there is anything else you would like to see included in this area, a stitch you struggle with, a technique you can’t quite master or working out what on earth you’re meant to do with a gauge swatch then please leave a comment or message me and I’ll do what I can to answer your questions!

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