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How to Crochet Paired Extended Single Crochet

A close up of the paired extended single crochet stitch made in pink alpaca yarn.

In this video and written crochet tutorial, you will learn how to make the paired extended single crochet stitch pattern.

This is the stitch pattern I used in both the Short Stories Cardigan pattern and the Sequel Sweater pattern and the tutorial was made to accompany the ‘short row sleeve cap crochet along’ dedicated to these two patterns.

This is a great stitch pattern for crocheting garments as it has beautiful drape, lovely bounce and stretch, AND is economical with your yarn.

A teal crochet cardigan hangs on a hangar on a white wall and is seen from a front side angle.
The Short Stories Crochet Cardigan Pattern uses the paired extended single crochet stitch.

About the Paired Extended Single Crochet Stitch Pattern

The paired extended single crochet (paired esc) stitch pattern has a stitch multiple of 2+1 stitches over any number of rows and can be worked in a variety of fibres and yarn weights.

The paired esc uses the extended single crochet as its building bock. You can find a full tutorial for the stand alone extended single crochet stitch here. (Using US crochet terms)

Below you will find the written description for this stitch pattern followed by a right and left handed video tutorial.

A crochet swatch with pink red and orange variegated yarn using the paired extended single crochet stitch pattern.
The paired extended single crochet stitch pattern used with a bright variegated yarn in the Short Row Sleeve Cap Crochet along

Paired extended single crochet tutorial – written instructions

Stitches and abbreviations (US terms)

  • ch = chain
  • esc = extended single crochet (UK extended double crochet)
  • rep = repeat
  • sk = skip (UK miss)
  • st(s) = stitch(es)

Stitch Pattern Notes

  • Instrutions written after *asterisks should be repeated as indicated.
  • Wrong and Right sides are nominal
  • The stitch pattern uses a multiple of 2+1 stitches and any number of rows

The paired extended crochet stitch pattern works as follows:

Starting with a chain of 2+1 stitches (plus one more for the turning chain, which does not count as a stitch – I used 28 in total);

Set-up Row: Starting in second ch from hook, *2esc in next ch, sk one ch; rep from * to last ch, 1esc in last ch, turn

Row 1 (Patt Row): Ch1 (does not count as a st throughout), 2esc in first st, sk one st, *2esc in next st, sk one st; rep from * to last st, 1esc in last st, turn

Repeat Row 1 for pattern

When working in pattern (‘In Patt’), you should always have an odd number of stitches.

A close up of dora holding her hand to her neckline whilst wearing a blue crochet sweater with pale stripes across the chest and matching stripes on the sleeve.
A close up of how the paired extended single crochet stitch pattern looks in the Sequel Sweater

Paired extended single crochet – video tutorial

Right handed paired esc tutorial

Left handed paired esc tutorial

I hope you found this tutorial useful andn enjoy using this stitch pattern in future crochet projects.

If you want to create one of the garments pictured which use this beeautiful crochet stitch pattern, why not join in with the crochet along? You can join Live March – May 2024 or at any time after when you can follow along at your own pace!

Happy Hooking


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