The Studio Scoodie

As the weather starts to turn, not that we got much of a Summer in the UK this year, I start getting super excited about all the scrummy winter warmers I get to pull out from last year and, even better, all the ones that, so far, only exist in my head!

Last winter I wanted to make a Scoodie – that’s a scarf with a hood for those who aren’t keen on word mash-ups!  I had been looking for a pattern for a while but just couldn’t find one I wanted to make.

A lot of those I found worked by creating a scarf and then put a seam down the back of part of the centre which is super quick and easy but isn’t quite what I wanted.  The angular look at the point of the hood just didn’t sit well with me.

So I designed one which wasn’t a million miles from the standard approach, but had a soft curve to the hood instead.  I’ve worn it non stop ever since.  In fact I’m wearing it in this picture of me from Kirsty’s Handmade Fair last week!

(That Crochet Lampshade though!!)

Yarn bombed Lounge from Komodo Krafts

I soon realised that the design was way more versatile than I had expected.  It looks super cosy with the hood down, you can wear it as an easy wrap as it sits nicely on the shoulders or you can spin it round so the hood piece is at the front, creating an extra layer to keep you cosy (because there are also so many hats to be made and worn!).

Sadly I did not write the pattern or yarn used in my original design down – I remember it was Moss Stitch and I think it was a WI chunky yarn but could not swear by that!

This autumn I have taken some time to work the scoodie in reverse and create a new improved version, adding a sprinkling of texture!

I am hugely into textured crochet at the moment, whether that is 3d patterns or the result of simple stitch combinations.  I love wearing tactile accessories as they just add a hard to define level of comfort.

Studio Scoodie by

This is how the Studio Scoodie was born.  So called because those little bumps remind me of that egg box like sound proofing you get in recording studios. Or at least the recording studios I imagine in my mind, sadly for me, but luckily for the rest of the world, I don’t spend a lot of time hanging out in recording studios – I would be one of the ridiculous rejects on the X factor out takes!

Enough about my singing skills, here are some of my photographic “skills” showing the finished project instead! (I’m sorry about the yoga gear, it’s been one of those weeks!!)



For this Scoodie I used 4 skeins of Lion Brand Vanna’s choice which you can find at Love Knitting and a 6mm hook.  This was the first tine I had worked with Vanna’s choice and it was so easy to work with, the pattern came together in no time!

You can find the pattern at the usual links, Ravelry and Craftsy.

The pictures below give you an idea of how the rounded hood looks.  No right angles here!!



Scoodies are possibly not everyone’s cup of tea but since last winter I’m a total convert!




As always, I’d love to hear what you think so please leave me a comment or tag me on any of my socials!

Happy Hooking!



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