5 Years as the bionic woman!

I Just wanted to add a little extra post this week because it marks a very special anniversary for me.

On September 21st 2012, 5 years ago today, I had my hip replaced after a progressive congenital problem called dysplasia which I had had since birth.  I always explain it by saying it’s what dogs get!

Sorry for the faint hearted but these are a couple pictures I posted in the days after my surgery.  I find medicine fascinating – they can rebuild you!

And that morphine button I’m holding… that was a gem!!

I woke up post op and the arthritic pain was literally gone immediately.  You know when you’ve been cooking and you only realise when you turn off the cooker hood fan how much it had been irritating you?  That is what it was like for me in terms of the pain.  It was almost like I could finally breathe again.

For me, surgery was the end of years of progressively worsening chronic pain and the beginning of a long and difficult recovery.  I had to have significant bone grafting which made things more complex than a standard hip replacement.

It was probably just as well I had little idea of how tough the months of recovery would be, but looking back now, I see what an absolute blessing that journey was, in ways I am still discovering!

I learned that life keeps moving and my disability, like most things in life,  was thankfully temporary.  To this day I am so grateful every morning to be able to get up, go to the kitchen and carry a cup of tea back to bed without pain.  Health really is the most important thing.

But the second most important thing was crochet!

During my 4 months on crutches, over the snowiest winter we’d had for years, I taught myself to crochet using a kids starter kit from Amazon and endless YouTube videos.

Initially this was to keep myself sane, but very quickly because I was utterly addicted.

This is what my first attempt looked like (thank you Instagram for holding this record!).

When I read other posts on crochet, I see so many people who came to it either because of a physical medical condition which may limit their movements or as a way to support mental health.  I have certainly used it to benefit both.

This is the first thing I ever gifted.  These little owl hats I made for my friends premature twins (who have just started at school!), with the help of the Repeat Crafter Me Owl Hat Pattern which was all over the internet at the time!


I do think that only people who try it can understand the benefits brought by crafts like crochet.  For me, is almost a way of meditating.  To focus on my hook and yarn whilst my brain quietly orders my thoughts and puts my anxieties into perspective.

Before I had surgery, I was so scared about how I would cope with it.  I could not have imagined the indirect impact that recovery time would have on my life, that I would find something I could be so passionate about and maybe even make a career of one day!

I know my story is a variation on a common theme in the Yarn Craft world so those of you who have had your own version of this experience – I raise a glass to you tonight! I would love to hear your stories about how you came to find Crochet so please do share in the comments or message me!

For me, it’s another demonstration of the good which can grow out of adversity.  There’s a saying I heard once and I can’t remember where but it stuck with me like glue…

Turn shit into fertiliser!

Well my roses are growing!!!

Big Love


P.S.  I just realised that I also accidentally quit smoking whilst I was in hospital (pretty hard to sneak out for a cig when you can’t walk!) so there is another reason to celebrate!!


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