“I Made This” Blanket – A tribute to The Makers

This pattern has been coming for a while.

It was one of those things that came into my head and refused to budge until I did something with it.

Ever since I started crocheting I have been exposed to ever increasing numbers of incredibly talented makers and creative superstars.

All too often I see people undervaluing their work, selling it for silly prices which barely cover their costs because they don’t think people will pay more for it.  They are too humble, or scared to actually stand up and say, “

You know what, I MADE THIS with love, blood, sweat and tears, and I’m blummin proud of it!”


And that is how this pattern came into being.

It is designed as a tribute to all the gifted people out there who hide their light under a bushel.  The crafting community is the most generous, kind, supportive bunch of people I’ve ever come across.  I just wish I knew more of you in real life as most of the people who inspire and cheer me on exist only through a screen!

I need to get better at doing something about that!


I’m so passionate about encouraging this tribe of generous gifted, inspirational creators to celebrate themselves!  As makers, we rarely give ourselves credit for what we do. With this statement blanket I wanted to enable you wonderful people to create a permanent reminder for you and those around you of your talent and skill!  I want YOU to give yourself a big pat on the back and be proud of the work you put into this and all of your creations.

I am not afraid to say that this has been months in the making and blummin hard to get right but I am proud of how it turned out and super happy to be able to share the pattern with you!

You can find it for download at any of the links below.




The blanket used 9 skeins of Lion Brand Heartland in Denali which was a great yarn to work with.

The PDF Download includes full written instructions, a pattern chart (I know some people work better from charts) and a link to a tutorial on how to make the bobble stitch.  This comes in left handed and right handed versions (I may have mentioned before that I’m a leftie so it’s important to me to offer both options!).

If you take nothing more away from this post, please remember that your time, effort and creativity has worth beyond measure or money.  It is something unique which only you can offer.

you are you

Be proud of your efforts!

Big love to you ALL

Happy Hooking



Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  I only ever link to companies and products I have used and trust.


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