A Quick Upcycling Project

One of my earliest blog posts was about my belief that trial and error is an essential part of life.  I told the story of my disastrous attempt to cover an old footstool using t-shirt yarn.  Remember these pictures?

It was horrible!

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Well, I’ve had it in the back of my mind that I wanted another stab at upcycling my footstool.  It was so useful but covered in paint and really not in a presentable state!

Whenever I have been yarn shopping, I have always kept an eye out for something which might work.  About a month ago, I was browsing on Love Knitting, I can’t remember what for now, but came across Lion Brand Fast Track Yarn which looked like it might just do the job.  And the Taxi Cab Yellow was the perfect colour.  I am a bit in love with everything mid-century at the moment which includes all versions of mustard yellow.  It was on sale so i decided to give it a go.

Well with all the chaos of my renovations, the yarn has been sat in a bag keeping dust free for a while, but last Sunday night I decided to dig it out and have a go whilst getting stuck into Mind Hunters on Netflix (it’s gruesome but give it a go!).

I had already learned from my last attempt to keep it simple and what kind of worked and what really didn’t.  So I decided to just freestyle it using single crochet only, making increases where needed and working in the back loop only to turn corners.

From before I finished the first skein, I knew it was going to work out this time.  Sometimes you just get a good feeling about a project.  Seeing as how much frogging was involved with my Falling Pines Poncho design process, I figured I was due a break!

Because I was pulling from the middle of the skein, the yarn twisted a bit, but other than that it was so easy to work with and really was fast!  Over 3 evenings, I progressed really quickly. Plus I got to dig out my Allen Key set from the tool box (it’s the modern tool of champions!)

I used about 4 and a half skeins and worked the cover in one piece, simply slip stitching it together around the feet and up the middlee.  It reminded me a little of covering books with wall paper back in school.

I have to say I am so proud of the finished project.  Sometimes things just come out exactly as you see them in your head.  I really needed one of those times!  I’m so happy to share the result!


(The Blanket is my I Made This Blanket Pattern in Lion Brand Heartland in Denali, and the side table / Plant Stand is from Pineapple Retro who I discovered on Instagram and I adore!)

I finally have my lounge back (temporarily at least!) so It is such a pleasure to put my feet up and keep on hooking!


If i were to criticise, I would say that it’s slightly too lose on the underneath, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t find somewhere to improve!

There’s no pattern for this (though I have friends searching eBay for 15+ year old Ikea footstools for me to cover!), but I wanted to share a success as I am quick to share the disasters!  Sometimes you experiment and you get a good result!

To top off last week, I found the most AMAZING original G Plan corner shelving unit at Emma’s (which is an awesome charity!) for an absolute steal.  I can’t wait to have no holes in my floors so this can make it’s way to what will eventually be my new studio!

Excuse the mess but it really is a thing of beauty!!

They had 3 more side units which went with it which were in such amazing condition. If I had the space all of them would be in my house right now!  Just look!

The one on the far left opened out to a little hidden bar with a mirror on the back – it was just so perfect  I almost wet myself right there in the shop!!

On that note, I think I should calm down a little and go have a cup of tea!!

Wishing you an equally successful week!

Happy Hooking





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