Don’t be Square, be Granny

If you read the news, you will no doubt be familiar with the horrors and dangers the internet and social media present.  You know the line… Facebook is full of braggers and bullies, Instagram is just for narcissists… But what they show you far less is the power these platforms have to unite and create positivity and community, that this is truly the modern way to find your tribe, that you are not alone!

A few years back, Instagramer @suregal27 came up with the idea of wrapping Instagram with a giant digital Granny Square blanket.  So began Granny Square day.  My kind of international day!

Once a year, on August 15th, Crocheters of Instagram post a closeup of a granny square using the hashtag of the year #grannysquareday2017 to create a feed full of Grannys which @suregal27, and now many others collate to create a giant virtual blanket.  It’s something anyone with a crochet hook, yarn and an Instagram account can get involved with.  At time of writing the hashtag has 6856 uses.  That’s a pretty big blanket… her is just a snippet of my feed…

I can’t emphasise enough how grateful I am to social media, Instagram and YouTube in particular for teaching me how to crochet, giving me support and advice when I went wrong and providing ideas and awe every day since!

A granny square is often one of the first things crocheters learn to make so it really is open to anyone to be part of something larger and meet other people online in the process.  It has led me to find so many wonderful and inspirational accounts.  It is such a small simple versatile technique, a building block which can be modified to make almost anything, a simple blanket, a stuffed toy, a dress, a sweater, a cushion, a lampshade, a yarn-bombed bus to name a few.  In fact, earlier this year, the YarnBomber Steve Duneier made it into the Guinness Book of Records with the worlds largest Granny Square at 1311 square feet.  You can see pictures and read more about him and his ambitious projects here.

The first blanket I ever made was based on granny squares on a much smaller scale!, I posted these pictures on my insta feed on March 2013, around 5months after I learned to crochet (I seem to recall it took me a couple of months to complete!)

I’m still kinda proud of that blanket!..

Several years later I continue to be a Granny cheerleader so, in the spirit of sharing the love, I made a quick tutorial on how to make them which you can view here or by clicking on the images below.

Now there’s no excuse for you to join in next year – be part of the happy internet!

Happy hooking!



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