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The Light Fandango – Crochet Sweater Pattern

A woman stands in front of a white wall wearing a pink crochet sweater and grey jeans

This project started off all about lightness and drape. There is a myth that crochet garments are always just a bit bulky and I wanted to really bust that nonsense out of the park!!!

I used the Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch in my Slow Living Skirt Pattern and fell in love with it. The beautiful tweed effect flowing fabric it creates is timeless and complements different yarns in different ways.

Top-down sweaters are my current crush because of their seamless construction and I wanted a classic shape so went with a wide v-neck.

I hope this one will have you skipping the light fandango – cartwheels cross the floor are optional 😉

You can download the pattern from Ravelry, Etsy or Love Crafts Crochet, or read on to learn more about the pattern.

Dora leans against a tree wearing a pink v-neck crochet sweater made in herringbone stitch paired with blue jeans.

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I knew I wanted a lightweight yarn which would add to the floof and drape of the sweater so it was always going to be a 4ply / sock weight yarn!

In the end I chose Drops Alpaca. I have always been a fan of the quality and affordability of Drops yarns.

Any 4ply or sock weight yarn will work with this pattern, though I recommend a natural animal fibre or acrylic.

For garments, I always go up a size or two with my crochet hook so used a 4.5mm for this project. If a smaller or larger size allows you to meet gauge, that works too!

You’ll need between 900m (for XS) and 1800m (for 3X) of yarn depending on what size you choose to make. The pattern gives details of how much yarn is needed for each size.

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woman wearing pink tweet crochet v-neck sweater and grey jeans standing in front of a white wall. Half of her is out of shot and there is a plant just visible in the bottom corner

Skill Level

This is a deceptively simple pattern. Especially if you have made top down sweaters in the past. If you haven’t, there is a photo guide to help you through some of the areas you may come unstuck!

The Herringbone double crochet is quick to learn (click here for a tutorial) and once you get into the flow with it, as easy to work as a normal double crochet!

Worked in both rows and rounds, the pattern uses simple increases on the yoke (if you’ve made a granny square you will be just fine!) and simple decreases on the sleeves.

Other than trepidation, there is nothing to stop even beginner crocheters working up this pattern!

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The sweater is designed to be oversized in the body and fitted on the sleeves (which can be adjusted to suit). It drops to the hip and is just long enough to tuck into jeans if you like to wear sweaters that way!

The crochet sweater pattern is written in 7 women’s sizes from XS – 3X. The pattern gives detailed measurements as well as guidance on how to adjust as you work.

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A woman with her back to the camera wearing a pink crochet sweater and blue jeans. One hand in her hair as the wind blows it about


The gauge for this pattern is as follows:

15 sts and 12 rows in 10cm of herringbone double crochet using a 4.5mm crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge.

Because this sweater is oversized in the body, it is relatively forgiving in terms of meeting gauge (though that’s no excuse not to make a gauge swatch!).

It is made top-down so can be adjusted to fit as you work. Learn more about how to adjust top-down yoke sweaters here.

Download the Light Fandango Sweater Pattern now from Ravelry, Etsy or Love Crafts Crochet.

woman wearing pink tweet crochet v-neck sweater and grey jeans standing in front of a white wall. There is a plant just visible in the background

How to purchase a Dora Does crochet pattern:

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Sharing your finished makes

I love seeing your finished makes – it gives me all the happy feels!

Here’s how you can share them on social media, if that’s your cup of tea!

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Happy Hooking 


A woman wearing a faux fur snowleopard coat and pink crochet sweater stands in front of a birch tree looking into the sun
The pictures outside were taken in a village close to me on one of the coldest and windiest days we’ve had for a while. I was freeeeeezing, but do love how the wind caught my coat here!

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  1. Hello, please may I ask which size of the sweater you are wearing in the photos? Looks like the right size for me.

    1. Hi there, sure, this info is given in the pattern but I’m wearing the size small. I’m 5’1” and a UK size 8-10. I hope that helps 🙂

  2. You’ve done it again, Michelle !
    But as I continue to plough through my ALMOST unending cardi (I have only to assemble the enormous thing now, but I’m terrified), you keep posting garments that have me drooling.
    Have you no mercy, woman ? Just how am I supposed to decide which one to embark on ?

      1. I don’t know what I wrote ! – comments simply don’t show at all. Of course it would’ve been amazingly brilliant, but ..