Pin me sunshine Pin Cushion (Free Crochet Pattern)

Introducing the Pin me Sunshine Pin cushion.

The name was meant to be a play on the song “Bring me sunshine” (I’ve had the Morcambe and Wise version in my head ever since) but  I think that may be a bit tenuous, I never was good very good at puns!



I use US crochet terms and I’ve assumed knowledge of the basic crochet stitches.  Numbers in brackets represent the number of stitches in the row.


I used a 4mm hook with a small amount  of DMC Cotton Natura (aff) in Yellow  and Anchor Artiste Metallic (aff) gold, both of which I had in my stash.  You can use any yarn and appropriate hook for this project.  I also used a small amount of hollow fibre stuffing to fill the cushion.


The finished pin cushion is about 5in in diameter.


Using the Yellow, make a magic ring (there is a tutorial on this here) or you can ch4 and join with a sl st

Round 1: Work 10sc into the circle (10)

Do not join – we will be working in a continuous spiral

Round 2: Ch1 (does not count as stitch here or throughout), work 2sc in each st (20)

Round 3: Here I added in the gold yarn for a round, working with 2 threads together, just to add a bit of extra sparkle, you can leave it out if you prefer though. Ch1, *work 1sc in next st, work 2sc in next st*.  Repeat *9 more times (30)

Round 4: Back to working just with the yellow.  Ch1, *work 1 sc in the next 2 st, work 2sc in the next st*.  Repeat * 9 more times (40)

Round 5: Ch1, *work 1sc in the next 3 st, work 2sc in the next st*.  Repeat from * 9 more times (50)

Round 6: Ch1, *work 1sc in the next 4 st, work 2sc in the next st*.  Repeat from * 9 more times (60)

Round 7 & Round 8: Ch 1, work 1sc in each st (60)

Fasten off and sew in ends.

Make 2 circles

Round 9: Place the 2 circles with wrong sides facing and join by working a sc through both pieces, matching stitch to stitch  around the circle.  When you are about three quarters the way round, fill the cushion and continue to work the sc around until you meet the start.  Join with a sl st to first joining sc (60)

Round 10: Join the gold yarn so you are working with two threads held together.  Ch1, *sc in next st, hdc in next st, dc and tc in next st, dc in next st, hdc in next st, sc in next st*.  Repeat * 9 more times.  Join with a sl st and fasten off

Now just add pins!!

Pin me Sunshine by

I hope you like this pattern and I’d love to see your finished projects.  Please tag me on instagram @doraexplored – I love seeing finished versions of my designs, it makes for more of those little happy dances!

Happy Hooking




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