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Welcome to Dora’s Den!  This is the hidden part of my site, just for you lovely Doralosophy subscribers.  Think of it like a blanket fort where you can come to hide and be surrounded by soft squishy comforting things and escape all the noise.  No one expects you to adult whilst you’re here.  Infact, we actively frown upon it!

So the first thing I’m doing to welcome you is to give you my Beehive Beanie pattern all for free!  It’s a lovely squidgy cosy beanie which is a pretty quick and therapeutic make which will keep you toasty.   Click here to access the pattern.


I’ll be sending updates and all sorts out to you so keep an eye on your inboxes!  And don’t worry, there won’t be any spam, just goodies, motivation and happy email!

This is a place to gather so please feel free to comment below.  I’’d love to see your finished objects so feel free to share links to you r socials below too.  Or tag me on Instagram in your DoraDoes makes, just use #HookMeHappy and I’ll find you!  Plus I’d love to hear your crochet problems and secret tips as well as general life hacks!!

I’m all about sharing so lets chat (but fun stuff, no adulting remember!)

Thanks for coming

Biggest Love


News & Updates

27th Feb 2018 – Resouces

You can now check out my Crochet Resources Pages.  There’s a Stitch Directory, A Tips, Tricks and Techniques section and an area for all those Charts and Technical Stuff! These are in beta at the moment so please let me know if you have any comments or feedback before I release them into the wild!