The Up and Over Crochet Poncho – Lounge wear F.T.W!

up and over poncho from

Is it a poncho, a kaftan, a tunic or a slanket?  It doesn’t really matter because it’s super cosy and practical and my new lounge wear favourite!

People get really sneery about lounge wear.  They mock people who work from home for spending the day in their pyjamas.

Well the way I see it, that’s jealousy!  People often criticise what they secretly are jealous of.  It’s called projection.  I know I do it too sometimes, though I do attempt to catch myself in the act and have a word!

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Asking the questions and reading for the answers – 7 books that changed my mind

Well hello there 2018.  Where did you come from?

After a lovely break over Christmas, this past week I have been thinking a lot about goals and resolutions for 2018.  I’m not really one for over-planning or resolutions for the sake of it but I personally find that taking some time for self-examination at any time of year is a helpful, a way to keep yourself on the straight and narrow so to speak.

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