Waiting for a star to fall…

…And carry your heart into my arms… that’s where you belong in my arms baby yeah…

Okay.  I got that out of my system so lets get into the second of my festive patterns I talked about last week with the release of the Christmas Pudding Beanie Hats.

This week I introduce the Twinkle Twinkle Star.

twinkle star16

I know it’s a little early to trim the tree but these cute sparkly 3D star ornaments are so fun and quick to make that they make great gifts for when people start getting their trees out.  Plus they are great stash-busters!

I actually came up with this pattern a few years back but it never made it further than the scribbles in my first ever pattern note book.  So I’ve blown off the fairy dust, had a little rework and as if by magic…

Twinkle star19

I am definitely channelling magic, fairies, glitter and all things sparkly (and twinkly of course) this week.  I am so thankful that I can finally see a pin prick sized light at the end of my renovations tunnel and yesterday my friend came round and bought me a two mugs as a kitchen warming present… you know when someone just knows what you like…


Could these be any more ‘me’??  I’m drinking out the the one on the left as I write!

I’m digressing but I had to share those with you as I love them so much!

Okay, so back to the Twinkle Twinkle Star Pattern, there are some affiliate links below to help you find the materials I used.  If you click on the link and subsequently make a purchase I receive a small commission which helps me keep my content free.  There is obviously no obligation!

For a small amount, you can also purchase an add free, printable PDF download of this pattern from Ravelry or Etsy stores.  This contains the written pattern and a separate photo tutorial.

Before you start, you should know


Yarn: One of the reasons I love this pattern is that you can use it with any yarn you have in your stash, and working it together with a metallic or sparkly yarn adds the extra twinkle.  I dug out my magic box which has all the metallics in and came out with a little of everything, including King Cole Cosmos (the Silver one with the sequins) and Bergere de France Metallic (The Gold one), both of which are still widely available at time of writing.  For the star in the photo tutorial that goes with the pattern, I paired The Cosmos with Stylecraft Special DK in white and a 4mm hook.  You can just work single stranded if you prefer or mix a whole bunch of different colours, just dig in and see what comes out the other side!  They are so quick to make that you can try a whole variety.  You know I’m an advocate of getting creative!

Here’s a little collection of all the metallics I had to play with.

twinkle star17The sparkly cottons (in grey and cream pictured above) are Sirdar Elle which I have used a lot in the past but I think has now been discontinued.  If you find any grab some though, as it’s a lovely sparkly cotton to work with!

Hook: I used a 4mm hook for all the stars pictured but adjust the size depending on your yarn.  Whatever you decide on, I would recommend keeping the hook size on the small side for the yarn your using as this keeps the fabric tight so the stuffing doesn’t sneak out of any holes!

Other Materials:

Hollow fibre toy stuffing (or equivalent to stuff the star), optional ribbon for hanging, tapestry needle, scissors.

Standard Stitches & Abbreviations Used (US terms)

ch = chain

st = stitch

yo = yarn over

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet

Special stitches

Magic ring: You can find a video tutorial on how to create a magic ring here.  If you are not familiar with the magic ring for working in the round then you can ch4 and join to the first st with a sl st and work the sts into this ring to start the pattern.

Double Crochet 3 Together = dc3tog.  This is used to work a decrease over 3 dc from rounds 5-8:  Yo, insert hook, yo, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), yo, pull through 2 loops (2 loops on hook), yo, insert hook into next st, yo, pull up a loop (4 loops on hook), yo pull through 2 loops (3 loops on hook), yo, insert hook into next st, yo, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook), yo, pull through 2 loops (4 loops on hook), yo pull through 4 loops.

Pattern Notes

  • This pattern is worked in rounds.  At the end of each round you will join with a sl st to the top of the first stitch
  • Starting chains do not count as stitches
  • The first st of the round should be worked into the same st as the sl st
  • You will increase the size of the start from rounds 1-4 (alway ensure the 3 dc increases are made in the centre stitch of the 3dc increase from the previous row)

The Pattern

Twinkle star1Magic ring

Round 1: Ch2 (does not count as st here or throughout), work 15dc into the magic ring and join to the top of the first dc with a sl st (15)

twinkle star2Round 2: Ch2, *hdc in next 2 st, 3dc*.  Repeat * 4 more times, join to top of first hdc with a sl st (25)

twinkle star3Round 3: Ch1, *sc in next 2 st, hdc, 3dc, hdc*.  Repeat * 4 more times, sl st to the top of the first sc (35)

twinkne star5Round 4: Ch1, *sc in next 3 st, hdc, 3dc, hdc, sc*. Repeat * 4 more times, sl st to the top of the first sc (45)

twinkle star4Decreasing:

Round 5: Ch1, *sc in next 3 st, hdc, dc3tog, hdc, sc*.  Repeat * 4 more times, sl st to the top of the first sc (35)

Twinkle star6Round 6: Ch1, *sc in next 2 st, hdc, dc3tog, hdc*.  Repeat * 4 more times, sl st to the top of the first sc (25)

Twinkle star7Round 7: Ch2, *hdc in next 2 st, dc3tog*.  Repeat * 4 more times, join to top of first hdc with a sl st (15)

Making sure the tail from the magic circle has been sewn in, fill the star with hollow fibre stuffing and shape

Round 8: Ch2, dc3tog 5 times (5)

twinkle star10Fasten off, complete the stuffing and sew in the ends.


To enable you to hang the star, take a piece of ribbon around 4 in long, thread it through one of the points and tie the two ends in a knot at a length to suit.  Trim any excess ribbon.


These are so quick to make you could even make them into a garland or festive bunting.  It’s going on my to do list!

As always, please do tag me in any pictures you share of your makes on Facebook or Instagram using the #HookMeHappy

Before I go, I just thought I would share one little extra photo with you.  I pulled up my old carpet this week to make way for the aforementioned new floor… but before I did I indulged myself by cutting it up a little… because when else am I going to get the chance to vandalise a carpet?


And I did!!

Happy Hooking



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