Surviving Silly Season – 7 festive buzzkills to look out for

I’m not going to lie, I used to dread Christmas.  For a whole bunch of reasons I would feel  uneasy and stressed at the mere sight of a bauble.  Most years I just wished it was over already.  It’s only the past few years that I have learned to deal with this time of year more successfully, occasionally even getting quite festive.  But I just want to take a bit of time to acknowledge and recognise those people who struggle during this season and maybe give the lovers some incite into what the other side looks like.  Not because I want to discourage anyone from getting into the spirit, but because I truly believe that understanding the other side (whatever the topic) is the only way we will make this world a better, kinder place.

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Never break the (Yarn) Chain

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving.  The hight street calls it Black Friday, makers are reclaiming it as Indy Friday, but I’m sticking with Festive Friday and today only you can get 10% off everything in my Etsy store using the code FESTIVE at the checkout.  Below you can also see the 4th in my series of Free Festive Friday patterns.

To this day, I have vivid recollections of making paper chains to decorate the house at Christmas.  Cutting up bits of coloured paper, throwing some glitter at it with dried out pritt-stick but being proud, nonetheless, of the end result!

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The end of Autumn, understanding the value of makers & Off the Rails off the peg!

I always worry that people will be shocked at the real cost involved in producing a finished item.  I know anyone who crafts will understand this.  So when I decided a week or so back that I wanted to sell made to order Off The Rails Infinity Scarves, I spent some time trying to source a nice acrylic yarn to make the scarf more affordable as the original had been made from luxury 100% Merino and its accompanying (worthwhile) price tag.

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Here comes the Snowicorn…

Snowicorn Crochet Pattern from

I’ve very excited about this week’s Free Festive Friday pattern as things are a little bit special!  Week one gave you the Christmas Pudding Hat and last week I shared the Twinkle Twinkle Star Decoration.  Well now I’ve teamed up with Marie Segares, aka the Underground Crafter to release this week’s free pattern as a contributor post on her blog.

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Saving the best till last & going off the rails

I was always one of those kids that saved the best bit for last.

Whether it was food – “eat all your greens first”, “save room for pudding” – or my to do list – “do your homework before you watch TV”, “finish your chores before going out to play” – My mothers voice drilled into my brain the benefits of getting all the boring bits out of the way first to make space to enjoy the good stuff.

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