Ever fancied a glitter wall?

I have a thing about disco balls.  I love the sparkly reflections made by the light, I love sparkle full stop really.  It’s basically magic as far as I’m concerned.  I never really grew out of my childhood love for anything that glitters.  Perhaps because I was rarely allowed such frivolous items as a child.  Coming from a background where quality was valued over aesthetics (“you’re not having that, it’s tatt” was a classic response to 7 year old me begging for some useless but sparkly piece of plastic which I would no doubt tire of in 20 minutes).  I am glad I have these values as an adult but I am equally glad I retained that little buzz I get from looking at the shiny thing!

I strongly suspect that I own more than the average household quotes of disco balls.  My home is fairly small but in my (generously titled) hallway, all these disco balls hang from the ceiling surrounding the disco ball inspired light shade.

I call this my discoverse and it makes me happy.

DoraDoes.co.uk discoverse

As regular readers know, I have been renovating my home and have just had a new kitchen installed.  Whilst going through the internal debate about whether to tile or leave the bit between the work surface and the cupboards (there has to be a better word for that), I struck on the idea of bringing a bit of disco into my kitchen… because why not?

I figured I could find some sort of disco based splash back to go behind the cooker.  The image in my mind was glorious.  But the reality was that I just couldn’t quite find anything which lived up to my imaginings.

Then, during one of those habit hole browsing sessions on amazon (you know the ones, where you start off looking at tea pots and somehow end up on a page for ergonomic furniture with a stop in the pyjama department along the way), I came across these glitter crystals which you simply add to every day emulsion and bingo… glitter walls galore!  Well I was sold immediately.  I figured if it all went horribly wrong then there would be my answer to the tiles debate!

So given this was a bit of an experiment I thought I would turn it into a review and share my little journey with you!

I bought these King Glitter Paint Crystals from Amazon at about £7 a sachet.  (I am in no way affiliated with this product, I just found it by chance).  It suggests one sachet per 1.5 litres of paint.  I only had a small area so mixed in the whole sachet with just under a litre.  It’s a little like glitter dust and looks ever so shimmery when you mix it in with the paint!


That is literally all you do, mix it in and slap it on the walls!

Here is a little video montage of how I got on…

Over all, I think it’s a pretty effective product.  I did find it was a bit patchy in places but once it had dried properly that faded.  This may also be because the concentration of glitter was a little high in my case.  With white paint it’s more noticeable because it looks grey in places.  I think this would look amazing with a strong colour.

The final look is actually really subtle and I don’t get glitter all over my hands when I touch the wall either.  Plus in a wobbly moment, I painted it over a section with a tester and it was really easy to cover up, which is reassuring in case I get bored!

For the cost and ease alone, I definitely give this product a thumbs up!  I’m not sure I’d want a whole room in this but it would make an awesome feature wall so for any glitter lovers out there, or parents of glitter loving children… this is how easy it is too add some sparkle!

I have now decided to add some glitter ball style tiles behind the hob too so there is still some work to be done.  Stay tuned for the sequel disco’s revenge!!!



2 thoughts on “Ever fancied a glitter wall?

  1. Looking good! Bella approves and says it’s not patchy.
    All the walls that I’ve dressed so far are with something sparkly. Sparkly grey wallpaper in the hallway. Different sparkly off white for a toilet. Another for the washing machine room. And I found those sparkles in the shop for Bella’s step to get into bed which will be in pink blue and purple. Sparkle galore here too, I’m with you on that one xxx


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