A day at The Crochet Retreat

In my last post I mentioned my exciting secret plans for the weekend.

Well I am happy to be able to tell you that I attended the last UK Crochet Retreat run by Ruby from @Frank and Olive.

I was only able to attend as a day guest rather than the whole weekend but I was so glad I was able to make this happen.

The retreat was held in a beautiful old farm house in the Yorkshire countryside.  It was an early start for me but the first time I’d seen the sun rise for a while!  I love a long easy drive as it gives me a chance to catch up on podcasts uninterrupted!


I arrived just as the group was finishing breakfast.  There were a few jaded faces suggesting they had all had a great friday night!  I was a bit apprehensive but they were a really welcoming group and it was such a relaxed atmosphere I felt at home right away.


Whilst the rest of the day guests arrived, we gathered in a huge sitting room surrounded by pyramids of yarn everywhere.  A crocheters heaven!

It also turned out that one of the weekend guests is due to move to my area in the next few months and two of the day guests live only 20 minutes away from me so this was an unexpected added bonus!

When everyone was settled, the morning kicked off with a session run by Ruby, involving making a granny square bag.  I spent so long perusing all the yarn and trying to decide on colour combos that I didn’t get anywhere near finished but I got to take all the yarn home I need to finish the bag so that wip will be added to my couch projects!  It was great to try some new yarns including paintbox and rowan yarns I’d not used before.


For lunch, @streat_cleaver provided the most delicious vegan feast.  I’m not a vegan but whenever I taste beautiful food like this It makes me think about converting!  I took some time to explore the house and look at all the lovely fun crochet and yarny decorations all over the place.  This one was just perfect!


In the afternoon Amber from @threadthelove ran a workshop to make her super cute unicorn slippers.  This was a really great pattern.  What I found really interesting was that it highlighted the huge variety in everyone’s tension.  We used chunky yarn and the slipper sizes were changed by going up and down hook size.  I went for the small, using an 8mm hook (I have size 4 feet and no qualms about wearing unicorn slippers!).  The first slipper worked up really quickly but it came up a little big.

This reminded me that I crochet pretty loosely.  My neighbour was using a size 10 hook and hers came up way smaller than mine.  She does a lot of work with t-shirt yarn where tighter tension is an advantage.

Tension is one of those things that make every crochet piece unique.  You can have 3 crocheters working the same pattern with the same yarn and hook and have 3 totally different finished objects!  I love this unpredictability!

I ended up remaking both slippers with a size 7 hook which fitted much better.  Sadly I was chatting so much I didn’t get to the unicorn embellishments, I just added a couple of pom-poms instead which I love!  I have some yarn left over though so I will be remaking the full unicorn version of these for my niece for christmas who will LOVE them! I’ll be sure to share these so keep your eyes peeled!

It was such a lovely day of chatting and crocheting, I took about 3 photos all day and only  really picked up my phone to add new instagram friends!  I hadn’t anticipated this would be such a digital detox on top of all the crochet love!

After finishing my slippers it was time to head off with a bag full of yarn to finish my projects and a big smile on my face!

I headed on to Leeds for the evening and, as promised, here is my Bowie vest I spoke about last week.


The Bowie party was spectacular (as those of you who follow my instagram stories will have seen!) and I danced my bootay off.  All in all a pretty perfect weekend was had!!


Until next time

Big love



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