The UpsideDown Pullover

I am a bit rubbish at Halloween.

Pumpkins are actually really hard to hollow out and I’m hopeless at carving them.  One year I forgot and ended up drawing a face on a big mushroom instead.  I think it’s somewhere a couple of years back on my Instagram feed!

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Ever fancied a glitter wall?

I have a thing about disco balls.  I love the sparkly reflections made by the light, I love sparkle full stop really.  It’s basically magic as far as I’m concerned.  I never really grew out of my childhood love for anything that glitters.  Perhaps because I was rarely allowed such frivolous items as a child.  Coming from a background where quality was valued over aesthetics (“you’re not having that, it’s tatt” was a classic response to 7 year old me begging for some useless but sparkly piece of plastic which I would no doubt tire of in 20 minutes).  I am glad I have these values as an adult but I am equally glad I retained that little buzz I get from looking at the shiny thing!

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Turn and make a chain

I’ve said it before and i have no doubt i’ll say it again but i love just how versatile crochet is.  You can shoehorn it in anywhere.

This weekend I’m up in Yorkshire and am stopping in on some friends in Leeds on Saturday night.  I went to university there and I will use any excuse I can to visit.   My old housemate and her husband run a bar, well a couple actually because they are brilliant at it, but the one in question is called Sela, and you should all visit if you’re ever in the city.  I may be biased but it’s still an awesome bar with amazing live music and delicious pizza.  They also have a Pizza bus and an Ice-cream van cocktail bar but that is going a little off topic – you can check out their exploits on instagram @selabarleeds

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The Studio Stripe Scarf (Free crochet pattern)

The Studio Stripe Scarf Pattern by

As a crochet designer, it’s a hazard of the job to end up with way more crochet accessories than strictly necessary.  In an effort to clear out my stockpile, I recently gifted the Studio Scoodie sample to my sister.  She has an adorable Springador called Ando who she walks at hours of the morning which I have only ever seen from the night before!  It’s super warm and covers her head so is perfect for fighting the dawn chill!

Meet Ando, he never stays still long enough to get a decent photo!

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