Second Chance September & The QWERTY Wrap crochet pattern

There’s something that happens at the beginning of September which is different to every other month of the year.  I don’t know about you but that ‘back-to-school’ feeling I got in my belly every year growing up, never really left me with my childhood, even when it’s work I’m due to got back to, I still feel it!

September screams change.  Subconsciously we know that this is a chance to start over to have a second chance at the year before the chaos of Christmas starts to overtake everyday life!



I love the summer but, so long as I have had enough sunshine (which is arguable this year!), I also welcome that first day where you taste autumn in the air, where you notice it’s suddenly dark earlier than it used to be and the leaves are less green.  As a crocheter, this time of year is paradise.  It’s the opening of chunky yarn season, where I can finally get excited about wrapping up in all those cosy cowls, squidgy scarfs, soft mittens and wooly hats. The prospect of the cold weather makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

That said, the sudden realisation that it’s in Q4 (in office speak) always shocks me, that three quarters of the year is done but I feel like I’m just getting started.  And how the hell does it seem to come sooner every year?

September 1st is like an internal reminder on my phone, telling me for to reflect on where the year has gone and what have I achieved.  It has the ability to reinvigorate me to start one last push to reach all the goals and intentions I set way back in January.  Well, either that or with a sense of blind panic I abandon all but the one thing I think I will get done, and relegate the rest to the “maybe next year” place, never to be spoken of ever again!


This back-to-work, “restart’ feeling was the inspiration for this design.  I wanted to create something which recognised and celebrated the time I have put in at the office over the years and this gave me the idea for the QWERTY Wrap!  The design takes elements from filet crochet to create a representation of a qwerty keyboard (including number pad of course!) and mouse in a wrap form.  The border represents all those cables which the clever people of the world are yet to find a way to dispose with.  I only wish all my wires were so neat looking in real life!


I have worked in offices for years and always found myself shivering in the summer when the air con is too high or in getting cold in the winter because the heating hasn’t kicked in.  Hands up who has, at one time or another, left that scruffy old cardi or fleece draped over the back of their chair for those times when they need warming up? (MEEEE!)

Well no more!!! My vision for the QWERTY Wrap is to make sure that you keep warm AND make your colleagues jealous with this unique and versatile accessory.

Based on the very keyboard I type on, the QWERTY Wrap is wide enough to be worn round your shoulders as a shawl at you desk, and slim enough to wear as a scarf on your commute!


This was such a fun project to design and make.  There was lots of counting, but it was great to base a design on such an ordinary everyday object and I loved working with the Rico Classic Baby DK yarn, it’s so soft and cosy.  I’ve kept the colours muted but think this would look great in something more vibrant too.

If you want to have a go at making your own or one to gift, the pattern is available to purchase on Ravelry or Craftsy.  Included in the download is a set of written instructions and a stitch chart as well as a picture tutorial for the cabling boarder.

If you use Ravelry, I would love to see your projects.  Likewise, please tag me on any for my socials or use #DoraDoes, I would love to see your creations!

qwerty wrap by DoraDoes

I hope this will bring a new perspective on how to bring creativity into your work place!

Happy Hooking


Pattern links: RavelryCraftsy

P.S. I can’t help but say the term ‘back-to-school’ without my brain reminding me of the song from Grease 2.  I still want to be a Pink Lady when I grow up…Apparently I brought that with me from my childhood too!



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