Pin me Sunshine (Free crochet pattern)

As my regular readers will know, I am having some renovations done at home, which has been going on for a while (seems like since about 2013…).

My new kitchen arrived this week ready for installation to start on Monday.  This is super exciting, but living in an obstacle course of boxes is less fun, except for the cat who is loving finding new hiding places amid the boxes.

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My first Yarndale

On it’s website, Yarndale it describes itself as a “Creative festival celebrating all things woolly and wonderful”.

I would say that pretty much sums it up!

I’m going to tell you now that I took a LOT of pictures.  There was so much to see that I can’t possibly write about it all, so I put together this montage which gives you a much better idea…

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The Studio Scoodie

As the weather starts to turn, not that we got much of a Summer in the UK this year, I start getting super excited about all the scrummy winter warmers I get to pull out from last year and, even better, all the ones that, so far, only exist in my head!

Last winter I wanted to make a Scoodie – that’s a scarf with a hood for those who aren’t keen on word mash-ups!  I had been looking for a pattern for a while but just couldn’t find one I wanted to make.

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Thank Scrunchie it’s Friday!

Another Friday has come around, which is fast becoming my new release day, and this week it’s a 100% free pattern!

One of the things I love about crochet is it’s versatility.  There’s not much you can’t make with it and if you can’t make it then you can yarnbomb it.

Though I do sometimes think the old adage that “just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should” may apply in some cases – I’ve seen some crazy (but always skilled) stuff made from crochet in the past, but perhaps I’ll save that for another post!

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