Dreaming of an Indian Summer – The Indian Summer Crochet Tank Pattern

Indian Summer Tank by Dora Does

So if you’re based in the UK you will know that the weather has been pretty half-hearted this summer… a nice week in July followed by one of the wettest Augusts on record… STANDARD!

I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m sure September seems to be getting nicer each year.  I have wonderful memories of sitting on Southwold beach last September, after all the kids had gone back to school, thinking how lucky I was to still be  enjoying temperatures in the 30s (that’s well into the 90s in American money!).

It is such a beautiful place and was one of those days that felt like the summer was going to go on forever.

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Dora Does Denial – Saying “no” to new

This post is not about crochet.  It’s a classic display of Doralospohy!  I’ve been thinking again…

This week I have spent some time being the voice of reason and talking 3 different friends down off various ceilings.  They are all struggling with very different challenges and it has made me reflect on my own experiences, as these things often do.

For a while now I have been more consciously thinking about my life – examining and reshaping the way I want to live, mulling over what I can do to wake myself up to those habits I’m not even aware of, asking how I can make the most of the time I have on this little planet.

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Don’t be Square, be Granny

If you read the news, you will no doubt be familiar with the horrors and dangers the internet and social media present.  You know the line… Facebook is full of braggers and bullies, Instagram is just for narcissists… But what they show you far less is the power these platforms have to unite and create positivity and community, that this is truly the modern way to find your tribe, that you are not alone!

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The Importance of a good foundation

The Foundations. The Basics. The Building Blocks.
However you describe them, they’re not very glamorous. But they are entirely and fundamentally fundamental!

You’ve all heard the Coldplay song where Chris Martin laments the discovery that his castle was built on pillars of salt and sand… if my lyrical memory serves that ended with his head on a sliver plate, so there’s a stark warning for you!

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All Life is an Experiment

You know that little kid who drives you nuts asking “But why?” over and over?

Well that’s me.


I’m naturally curious but have fortunately learned when to shut-up.  My questions tend to have a little more thought to them these days, though I have been know to ask why wasps exist or who thought to eat marmite for the first time.

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